55-year-old Salma Hayek in a hot pink bikini is the best motivation for this summer

Salma Hayek has been pretty quiet on social media lately, but on Tuesday, she broke her silence in the best possible way.

The actress shared pictures from her last vacation on a yacht, and subscribers were able to find out what the star was doing there. In general, she did everything the same as the rest – she sunbathed in a bathing suit and danced.

Salma posted several pictures in which she shows off her magnificent figure in a hot pink bikini while dancing on a yacht. 55-year-old Hayek looks incredibly liberated and free, the wind blows her hair, and her husband Francois Henri Pinault looks at his wife with delight. What else is needed for happiness?

By the way, it was Pino who advised his wife to think about returning to the cinema, in particular, to the recent project “The Eternals,” after Salma took a vacation in 2007 to give birth to her daughter Valentina.

The entrepreneur wanted to make sure that Hayek realized herself as an actress, and this is how the celebrity herself recalls this: “François helped me because I was ready to no longer work, but when Valentina was a little over a year old, he told me that I should return to work, because there may come a time when I will miss my profession, because that was what allowed me to release my creativity, and I am an artist .”

Hayek slowly returned to Hollywood on the terms that worked for her as a mother and actress. He revealed that Valentina was less than seven years old when she found her “rhythm and place” to do both. When working indoors and outdoors, there is no shame in finding a way that works best for you, even if it takes some time. For Hayek, her husband’s support certainly helped.

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